A Brave Chikun Tale (Litecoin)

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(Litecoin/USD ) Credit: gmgame


This is the TALE of a young warrior (Litecoin), skilled in the arts that some would describe as martial, swift like the wind, as quick as a lightning.


He begins his journey looking for a mentor to train him to become the best at what he does.


Following a sound advice, he headed to the Island of Cryptopitza. Over there, a fighting contest is held at the 1K City.


The most talented warriors come from the four corners of the kingdom to prove their worth.


Onwards, Chikun, time to shine and find your master.


Brave Chikun isn’t afraid of anything or anyone. He may be small in size but he feels like a giant.


The road to 1k is steep and it will take more than a pair of legs to get there. Litecoin can climb right through the nearly 90 degree angle flight of stairs through the cliff, but there is another, easier but longer way that passes by the scenic route of $80. Which way will it be, little big bird?

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